Is there a way to show ALL users to have previously modified a row/value?

Currently, the Modifiedby formula returns the last modifier. I’ve been trying to think of a programmatic way to recursively append this user to a list to show ALL users who have modified a certain row, but have come up blank.

Anyone more clever than me found a way to do this?



Just run an automation upon row change that logs whoever modified a column into a long-text or Canvas style column in CSV format. You would go ahead and use the ModifyRow() action, and modify the row to be a concatenation of:

  • The current cells value (so you don’t lose historical data)
  • A line break (so you can keep each new log on its own line)
  • Format({1},{2} , user().email, now()) – This logs the current person who just modified and the time they modified

Let me know if you need a little more help! This video breaks down some of the key concepts but with a slightly different workflow and a button as opposed to an automation. but all the same principles apply!


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