Access user that triggered a "Row changed" automation

I’m trying to access the user that triggered a “Row changed” automation in order to perform an action that makes of that user within the Then section of the automation.

2 approaches I’ve tried are:

  1. Via Step 1 Result.ModifiedBy(). This results an exception alert notification, but no other sign of error or indication of went wrong.
  2. Via User() to get the current user. This works fine when testing the automation within the automation creation UI, but when I perform the row change that should trigger the automation the User() is Automation Bot, rather than any user that made the row change.

Does anyone know if this is possible or if there is a suitable workaround?

Hi @Allan_Jones i’ve prepare you an example of “saving the last user that have modified a row in that table” with an automation, you can explore it here:

I use a “When a row i changed in table (in this case a “modifiedby()” column) add a row in the other table with the name of the modified by”

It works :slight_smile:


Ah, perfect! The answer is always simpler than you think in Coda :slight_smile: Thanks for your help, @Mario!

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