Automation to find current user not working


I have a table where I want to run an automation everytime a column is changed. The problem is that I need to change based on the current user. When I try to filter using the “If” section on automation inserting user().Name or only user(), it is not working. I already created a column to test on the table, and it is working fine. Please see the images

This first image shows the automation formular that is not working

This seconf image shows the same formula working on the table.

Had someone needed to run an automation filtering by the current user in a table that has the user inserted?

I want to change the column “setup”. In the first image on my question, the formula do not change the setup column, but it should. If I insert the formula the way you can see in the image below, it woks, the column is changed.

Why thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[User WR].Name=User().Name do not work

and thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[User WR]=[Elber Domingos] works?

I tried thisRow.[Step 1 Result].[User WR]=User() as well, and didn’t work.

The formula below works to change the column “Setup”. But of course only with my user

This is because automations are run by the server, so there is no “user()” in the context in which they are run.

If what you’re trying to do is take certain actions based on who made changes to a row, you’re in luck though. Add a column and set the formula to thisRow.ModifiedBy().

Does that help?


That answer my question. I will try to figure out another solution based on what you suggested.

Thank you

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