Automation Not Running

Hi, I’ve set up an automation which is supposed to trigger when the value of my column changes. This value changes everyday (it’s a countdown of days) and is set up using a formula.
When I test the rule, everything works as expected (I get a push notification on my phone). However, when I leave the automation running by itself, it’s never triggered even though the days keep changing.

Button deactivated

Button activated
When “Days till Charged” drops to “2 days”, the Button reminder is activated and the Automation is supposed to click the button and I get a notification (only works when I test the rule). Any advice please as I’ve been trying to solve it for days already. Thanks!

Hi @Petr_Iamachkine,
Unfortunately “column changes” refer to manual - not formula-computed - ones.

My suggestion would be to set a daily automation that pushes a notification if your criteria are met.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for the suggestion @Federico_Stefanato. How could I set a daily automation? Thank you for you time.

Hi @Petr_Iamachkine,

when you create a rule, you have a dropdown that allows you to select row.changed or time based:
snap .
On the time-based, you see you’ll have different options.

Let me know if it’s clear.

Got it! Already worked it out. Very pumped! Thank you for the help :raised_hands:t3:

Happy it helped :wink: