Formula Not Showing Outcome as "People"

I have a button that disables if the current user isn’t listed on a table. (Below is the button Disable Formula. The last “OR” does this)

thisRow.HiddenDateSubmission != “” OR thisRow.[Quote Received] = “False” OR
thisRow.Approver.Contains(User()) = False

I have a column (Approver) that filters from the “People Quality Issues table” only people that have a slider marked as true. Here is the formula:

Filter([People Quality Issues],[Approve Labor] = true)

The formula works great, but for some reason the “Approver” column isn’t being treated like a people column (although its selected as one) which means the disable if formula doesn’t work. If I remove the formula and manually select people from the dropdown box (using a lookup to the People Quality Issues table) it works fine.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @Brad_Young

I had a quick look at your subject :smiley:

  • Two conclusions : I would run a foreach to every approver
  • I would also get the .Name property of current user.

Then if one approver is the current user then it’s OK (the meaning of the final Or()

There is may be a more optimized way to proceed, but I checked on that very quickly and it seems top work !


Thank you!

Its a good workaround that worked for me. The issue that I face now is notifying the person. The notify goes off of the “Approver” field which Coda still doesn’t recognize as a user.

Its weird that this is happening. Not sure why its pulling the list over not as user/people

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