Permission table User list

I have a table of document users, I would like to assign them access to button clicks from the permissions table created by me.

  1. How to write a succes formula Disable button that compares User () and check column on Permission table?
  2. How add disable formula for project picker?

Here is a link to a document where you can more clearly understand what I want

Or is there another way to somehow give people access to actions through a table, any ideas, thanks!

Thanks to Coda Support team! :+1: The answer was very prompt! :grinning:

You can use the following formula logic to set this up:

In words, that formula says to disable the button “if the “add doc” column is not equal to true for the row in the permission user table matching the logged in user.” By setting this to !=true() instead of =false(), you handle cases where the user() isn’t in the permissions table at all.

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Thanks :pray: @Evgeniy_Mamontov taking the time to share the support you received from the Codans.

This will make this community an even better source to find solutions while executing our hobby, “building doc that function like apps”