Add automation trigger: after sync of a selected pack table

Very often we need to trigger some action after a Cross-doc or a Pack sync happened (e.g. add missing options from a select list column to a local lookup table). The only option now is to trigger such automation on row changes from that sync table, but this would trigger the automation as many times as there were rows added, while we’d only need to run it once. We could add the logic to let it run once and suppress the further attempts, but that’d probably still count towards automation quotas in free plans and unnecessarily load Coda servers.

I suggest that there’s a new trigger added: After a table sync, with an option to select which pack table to listen on.


This would be so useful! I currently have a thorny Shopify inventory management issue I can’t solve easily without this (or a painful workaround which I guess will have to do for now!)