Add new elements to the lookup column

I want to add new elements to the lookup column. I want to add new ones to the existing elements using the button. But if I choose “modify” all the existing elements are replaced with one new one. Help please.

я использую: Modify row(this Row, [table].[column], this Row.[column 2])

Maybe you need to use “Concatenate”, but I don’t understand how.

Hi there. Just to ensure I understand your question, are you trying to (1) add new items to the list of options available for selection in a lookup column, or (2) add extra items to a selection of items that has already been populated in a particular row for that lookup column?

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(2) variant

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No problem.

Set the button options as follows:

  • Action: ‘Modify rows’
  • Table: ‘Table2’
  • Apply to: ‘This row’
  • ‘Update values’: column1 > ListCombine(thisRow.[column1], thisRow.[column2]).Filter( CurrentValue.IsNotBlank() )

The extra ‘filter’ component is needed for rows where one of the two columns is blank. Otherwise you get unwanted ‘blank’ entries in the target cell.

Or if you are configuring the button action entirely as a formula, then:
ModifyRows(thisRow, Table2.[column1], ListCombine( thisRow.[column1], thisRow.[column2] ).Filter( CurrentValue.IsNotBlank() ) )


It works great. I’m dancing with joy. Thanks

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