Add new values to select list without clicking Enter twice

I suspect this has been answered, but I couldn’t find where, so apologies if I missed it.

I would like to paste new rows of data into a Select List column and have any new values automatically added to the necessary LookUp table and recognised in the Select List column as legit options. In this thread @nigel says the UX was deliberately set up with speed bumps to prevent a user inadvertently adding a value: you have to click ENTER twice for each new value not in the LookUp table. Is there a way to turn off these speed bumps and if not what is the best workaround?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey @Robert_Collett can you send over a video of your workflow? In my own testing it looks like I can add options by pressing enter just once, so I want to make sure I’m correctly understanding what you’re working on. Thanks in advance!

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@Jasmine_B - thanks for confirming that pasting into a Select List column connected to a LookUp table does require clicking Enter twice for all new values you enter and there is no way to disable that.

To All - Below is the workaround I’ve come up with so I can paste in the data for my Select List and only have to press one button to get the data added to the LookUp and then moved over to the Select List in a way that means it is ‘recognised’. I’d welcome hearing from others if they have a better solution or a way to improve this one or they can see a problem that this solution will cause later down the road.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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