[Bug]? Adding new row from a lookup column

It’s since today (few hours) that I’m noticing an unexpected behaviour.

In a lookup column with the ability to add new entries, it’s not displayed anymore the “+” sign allowing the user to explicitly add that new row in the lookup table.

Please, see the image below:

By hitting the “Enter” button twice, the entry is in fact created, but it’s not super intuitive…

Is it intentional? (I hope not…).
Thank you.

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For anyone else experiencing this, this is not intended and is a bug. The fix might not make it in today, but should be in by some time tomorrow afternoon.

It is not only on a lookup table. I believe it is a problem with “select” lists. I am experiencing this and also when I double click a blank list it gives me a page error. I sent a video for the support channel.

Yes, this is another issue and is also being tracked. Again, might be tomorrow afternoon for the fix.

Thank you for mentioning it!

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Any update on the fix ?

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Hi @Mathieu_Brun-Picard,
have you tried reloading the doc(s)?

Mine seem to work now correctly, so the regression apparently regressed… :slight_smile: