Add new value to Lookup Column from Forms

Hello @mallika,

I think I found a bug.

I have a form element that lookups a list of cities from a different table. The idea is to let the user select an existing city on the list or add a new city.

With the option Allow Quick Adding of New Items enabled, I can add new cities on that element from the results table, but I am not able to do the same if I enter the data through the form.

Results table:




Hey Joel, thanks for reporting this to us!, I’ll report this into our internal tracker so adding quick items from Forms can be performed adding another entry point. Hopefully this can be resolved soon :+1:.

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Just ran into this problem myself, and very happy to see it’s already being worked on!

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Running into this same problem as well!

I’m unable to add new items via the ‘Published Form’ view, despite having ‘ALLOW QUICK ADDING OF NEW ITEMS’ checked for the item in question, and it working in the normal layout views.

Would love to see this happen, otherwise having a blast with : )

Any update on this? I am having the same issue. Users can’t add new items through the dropdown menu in a form, however if I change it to radio buttons there is an option to add a new item.


I’m running into this as well, would be great to get a solution. Thanks

Interested in this as well! Or some other easy way to add an “Other” field to multiple choice form field

Ahaa - I wished I’d found this discussion - spent all day trying to figure out what I was doing wrong : :expressionless: Looking forward to a fix and thanks for post and comments

Any updates on this? Could really use it!!

This isn’t working for dropdown or radio buttons.

i am surprised the form editor offers the option for ‘quick add’ as the run-time behavior of forms does not support modifying rows on other tables, just gathers values and inserts them to the form’s own table.

i think the bug is in offering this option in the form editor, and not a bug in the execution of the form.

i may be wrong - but it might explain why there was not a quick and easy fix for this from the engineering team.

open to correction


Wow. It’s been more than year. No fix. This seems like a very common pattern for form input, just as it is with normal tables.