Select field: "allow quick adding of new items"" option is disabled in the form view?


I have a table with a select field for which i enabled the “allow quick adding of new items” option.
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Unfortunately, this option seems to be disabled in the form view:
Capture d’écran du 2021-05-16 08-49-04

Is it normal?
Is there a solution to solve it with the privacy options?
Any other idea for a workaround?

Thank you in advance for the help.


Does anyone have an update on this? Running into this issue as well.

Hi all, quick clarification on this. Coda currently does not support the usual “quick add” option for select lists & lookups from a form view to prevent external users from being able to manipulate tables in a potentially private Coda doc. However in the future we could explore the capability to add an “other” option for select lists in forms.

You’re welcome to submit this feedback by opening up a chat with Coda support (click the question mark in the bottom right of any page in Coda).

Then click I want to submit feedback. and fill out some details so our product team can understand why this is important to you!

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Submitted another request for this feature, but curious if anyone has found a viable workaround. I’m trying to build a form for researchers to submit their research reports to be published in a research library. I want them to be able to select from a list and add keywords that are relevant to their project so that their report is easier to discover. Is there another way to do this using a form?

Did you try my suggestion: Add new value to Lookup Column from Forms - #14 by joost_mineur

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