Adding a fill-in "Other" option to a form

Hi there. I’m a Coda newbie here.

I have a form and am using a Select List for users to choose from another of options. I’d like to add another option at the bottom of the list called “Other” that allows the user to write-in their choice.

Does this feature exist? Or could someone point me to a workaround to make this happen?

As always, I’m super grateful for the community support. Thank you!

Hi @Chris_Colucci1,

If you are still having issues with this, I can see two possible options.

First is that you allow new options to be added from the drop down. This means that if something does not exist and a user creates it, it will be part of the drop down list going forwards.

The other is to use a formula and an additional “other” column pulling all of the relevant info together.

I have created a demo for each of these below.

I hope that this proves useful.


Hey, @Dale_Cowling . Thanks for the reply and kindly putting together a demo. I requested access to be able to view it. Rom your description it sounds like it will do the trick. I just need to see it in action.

Many thanks!

Hi @Chris_Colucci,

Apologies, I didn’t enable the correct share settings.

You should now be able or access the embedded doc with play mode enabled.

Any problems just let me know.



@Dale_Cowling Thank you for changing the permission settings. I see what you created now and that works well.

I was hoping though to create the “add other” feature. inside of a form, not just a table. I understand the information from the form will be added to a table eventually, but I’m hoping the user to be able to add an extra line to the form.

As an example use case, if a user is filling out a list of attendees, I want to have three boxes for them to use but then have the option of adding an additional box each time they want to add another attendee.

Do you happen to know if this is possible?

Thank you!

Hi @Chris_Colucci1,

It sounds like the best solution is a sub-table.

Running with the attendees example for instance.

You have your table of meetings, a table of users, and then a table that records who was at each meeting.

You can add a table as a row via formula and apply a filter. In this case in Meetings it has a row pointing to Meeting attendees and filters it to just employees (rows) related to that particular meeting.

From here you have two methods of adding new attendees.
Option 1: Use the add row button on this embedded table row
Option 2: Disable the add row button and use the new functions I have provided. A column where you select who you want to add and then a column button that adds them. This also have controls to disable the button if blank and to stop you adding duplicate staff to the same meeting.

I have added a new page to the demo doc I already created. You can access it here or using the embed below.

Let me know how you get on.


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