How to disable "choose row" in lookup table?

I have some lookup fields in some tables and, when I open the record, I’ve set them to display as tables.

I want the ability to add new rows, but on some tables, Coda asks me to choose an existing row. I don’t want that. It makes creating a new row a two-step process (choose row > move cursor > create new).

I don’t know why it’s like that on some tables and not in others. From what I can tell, the options are identical.

Here’s a picture for clarity
(The forum won’t let me upload pictures)

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! That’s a great question :thinking:

Would you mind sharing your doc with the Community by making it public so we can take a closer look at what you’ve already built? It’ll be easier for us to troubleshoot what might be happening here :smiley:

If you’re unable to share your full doc due to security reasons, we totally understand! In this case, we ask that you please set up a demo doc that you’re able to share publicly. This can be a scaled-down copy of the doc you’re working on or just an example doc displaying the issues you’re encountering.

Afterward, please reply with the link to your doc so we can take a look for you.

For anyone who stumbles on this looking for a solution.

If the table with the lookup column has “Allow Multiple SELECTION” set to “On” then you’ll see “Choose Row”

If you set “Allow Multiple SELECTION” set to “Off” then you’ll see “New Row”

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