Add "On Change" action on all columns and controls

This probably has been requested in this or that form but I cannot find those threads now.

Please add a capability to define an On change action on each control or table column.

The action would fire right away in a user’s browser when they change the value. It should only execute on changes made by current connection and not on changes coming from other users / other tabs by the same user.

We have automations that can watch over changes, but they don’t run instantly and are generally harder to set up. Adding the proposed capability not only would solve this but also reduce the load on the server-side workers and generally offer better UX. It would be possible to build scenarios where e.g. changing the first drop-down in the series would reset all the latter drop-downs for re-selection.


yes! just ran into this. I want to be able to highlight a row thats been changed so the user knows they need to click a button to push the changes to an API. I dont want them clicking after every change, I just want them to know they have several changes that havent been applied yet and they can then cilck a button to initiate a bulk api request.

I agree. Having to click a button after adding or changing a value in a control is very inefficient. Pressing ENTER or TAB after filling in data is much easier.

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