Add Row in different table dynamically

I want that after pressing submit button, this row’s data will be added to the table using table id/name. But this code gives me the error below. I understand the problem here but How can I make this work so I can add data dynamically to different tables based on their IDs or names?
thisRow.[Table Id],
thisRow.[Table Id].Task,


Hi @Sabbir_Ahmad

That table ID doesn’t look like a table ID.

A table ID should be something like grid-j49JKTupVT

Second, Coda expects a table but hat you are providing inside the formula is a text value. Coda formula doesn’t know that the text you provided is a table ID but rather just plain text.

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so what’s the way? how can i put table id in a way where coda will accept as table id not as text?

Hi Sabbir,

You need to use the runactions() action. This allows you to string formulas together. You then have an AddRow() for the first table, and an Addrow(0 for the second table.


Hello @Sabbir_Ahmed_C ,
How many target tables are you going to have?

If it is a limited number, you could use a switch() in your button formula:

If there are going to be lots of tables - or tables that don’t exist yet, it is going to be a bit more complicated, but it can be done: see the answer from Paul Danyliuk on my question in this community