Add some colors in your geographical Maps - Tutorial & full doc shared!

Hello wonderful Coda Community !

You like to represent geographical datas over a country, states, or regions ? You like Qgis but you love more coda and would like to directly display your data geographically ? You play with ballots result, heatmap, social or scientific value in differente state, or lead a business through different state or countries ?

Then, here is another use case of SVG creation in coda : Geographic Colors dataviz


I’m very happy to share this new fully explained and ready-to-use document to customize existing SVG maps.

I created it with US State Map, but the tutorial in the document shows you how to proceed with any geographical map, or even other kind of map, like industrial process or coworking office plan for example.

Enjoy the embed by copying it, and let me know if you have any questions (Document also available in my blog)



PS : Poke @Paul_Danyliuk again for the svg magic formula :wink: