Can one make a Map Chart on Coda

Hello Coda Community,

I’d like to create a map of the US populated with data for each state to be updated dynamically. I see there is a way to do this with Excel (as seen in this video), but can’t seem to find a way to do this in Coda at present.

Is there a way to do this now? Is it in development? Do I need to suggest it somewhere?

Thanks for your help!

Hello? Anyone else see the value of a Map Chart capability? How does excel do it? Maybe there is a pack to connect these things? Help!

Hi @Rezwan_Razani,

I think it is neither possible nor in development at the moment.
I don’t know anything about a pack, you’ll have to check for yourself.

If I were you, I would try to find a third party tool for this specific use case. There are tools out there that focus only on data visualization. I’m sure you can then embed the result into Coda in some way.


@Rezwan_Razani Check out the Google maps pack and see if it’s a fit for your use case.

There is no out of the box map chart in Coda but there’s a few ways you can achieve it.

First is that you can render it locally in Coda with the help of SVG. You can try implementing it yourself or we can ask @Quentin_Morel who used this trick to render all sorts of charts, including the map of his country France — maybe he’ll share his doc and instruct you how to replace France with the US.

P.S. Ah actually he’s got a doc for it already with the US map. I knew I had seen it!

Second is that this whole thing can be wrapped in a pack. If only I had more time I’d do it myself, and maybe one day I will. It can be anything as simple as wrapping this trick and just render a non-interactive SVG, up to something complicated like a pack for a whole 3rd party charting library (Highcharts etc.) Again, had ambitions myself but no resource to build it all.


Hi all !

Indeed, without considering a pack solution, my example document linked by Paul is indeed the “more I can do” to explain how to build a US map connected to data.

In the Tutorial Page, I gave my best to explain step by step how to proceed.

Please let me know if this is not clear enough.



I have built a pack for this for one of my clients.

If there is interest, I can make it a general purpose pack and publish it to the gallery.

But it will take a few days, my workload is rather high at the moment.

Here is an example of its output;

You can select different regions of the world and provide data for countries or states.
When the user hovers over a colored item, a tooltip shows the underlying data.
You can specify the range of colurs to be used.

The underlying javascript libraries are open-source, I believe, will need to check that.

If there is sufficient interest in a pack like this, I will set aside time to refactor it for general use.



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