[Idea Validation] choropleth map

Hi community,

Thinking to make a pack to render Choropleth map from data living Google sheets or Coda table. The embedded map will look similar to this one Columns - 5 minutes from data to story

The formula may look like this

    "<Google Spreadsheet ID>",
    "<Metric column>", 
    "<Aggregation: sum | avg | max | min | count | none>", 
    "<Type: choropleth | bubble | spike>"

Is anybody interested in this pack? I would like to know if anybody would be interested in using it.
Love to make a triable prototype if I heard a few yes.

Hi Shawn, and welcome to the Coda community!

I’m a little biased, but I think anything that makes data more visual is generally attractive to Coda users. And building even complex maps are wholly possible as I did here with MapBox.

Hi Bill, thank your for your input, very positive encouragement.

You work for the real-time map is amazing. I saw that was posted back in March, what’s usage looking like so far? I don’t know how active Coda users are looking for extensions/packs, so curious about it.

That app and pack are private running in an enterprise, so the usage won’t apply here.

I have recently begin to build packs myself, so I don’t have a lot of data, but Itsy() for example is running in about 100+ documents now. It’s free, so it’s also not a good gauge of success.

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