Add a Map View that geocodes addresses or coordinates from a table

I’d love to see a view added to Coda that plots all the rows in a table on a map based off of a location column that is either addresses or coordinates. This would be a big use case for me in my work, as I’m all the time creating curated maps of places in my city. I would love to be able to embed that view in a website, and use my coda sheet as the backend, so that I could dynamically add/remove/update places with the ease of Coda.

Google maps has this functionality built into its My Maps. You can upload a spreadsheet and it will plot all of the points on the same map and use the rest of the columns to create info cards for mouseover. Coda would be even better.



Does this post support you;

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I don’t believe it does. If I’m understanding correctly, this will put a map in a row of one point. I may be misunderstanding this experimental option though.

What I’m hoping for is a view that plots all the points in a table on the same map. Very different.

Did you solve this? I am looking for the same

No, I’ve heard nothing else about this since I suggested it.

Again, I’m not looking to add a map of one single row to a table or document. I’m looking for a view that takes all rows and geocodes them to the same map. In essence, if I have 25 rows in a table, each with the name of a business and their address or lat/long coordinates, I can create a view that had one map with all 25 rows plotted on it. Bonus points if it created a card with the other items in the row upon mouseover or when it is clicked.

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I managed to do plot all rows in the map block using the google maps API (Pro feature)
But I want to share the block and not the table with the users and that feature is not available.

Interesting. You were able to plot all rows though in one block. I’ll need to play with it further. Still, if I cannot share that view it’s rather useless.

Hey Ana, could you manage to embed the Map with multiple pins in the coda doc?

I’d love to see this too :pray: Currently using Google sheets with an add-on called Sheets Mapping, which is actually fantastic. is so powerful though, I’d like to migrate all my systems there…

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