GIS, Geolocalization, etc

If you have tables with geolocalized data, it would be nice to perform even the simplest GIS operations: presenting the registers as dots in the map, colouring them depending on KPIs or tasks, etc.

It is possible to use, for instance, google maps APIs to connect google spreadsheet with maps and presenting tables of data on them updated all the time. But you have to abandon either spreadsheet or map if you want to check data, update or create new points, etc.

Keeping in mind Coda Packs’ philosophy and the essence of Coda as (the ultimate) project hub, it would be nice to have the possibility of integrate active maps which are connected to a Coda table. I’m not sure if in the future it could grow beyond packs and into view, offering a map view like as we now have a Gantt or Kanban view. Anyways, offering a coding-free option would catch the attention of a lot of users that are now out of GIS benefits because they cannot afford to pay for using them coding from a vendor’s API

What I do right now is to embed certain google maps in a Coda section, which is simple and nice. Just pasting the URL and here we go. However, maps are not connected with Coda tables and therefore a good part of Coda’s potential is absent.


There are hidden formulas, GoogleMap() and GoogleDirections() that you can use :slight_smile:

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That’s quite nice, but it is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about representing an entire table of geolocalized data onto a single embedded map on Coda. Something like this but not a mockup. Something that takes points from a table and represent them on a map using a public service

Yes Please!!! It would be nice to be able to attach a photo to the point or if you upload a photo with location information auto populate on the map.

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That are two different problems. On one hand, you just populate a table with a field that includes images. The mapping service needs to be able to accept an image field and represent it from an image link. On the other hand, you need to access EXIF data, extract lat/lon from it and populate your Coda table

I’d be very interested in this too. :clap:

Right now I’m using a Google Sheets add-on to map addresses, though it’s not realtime (requires rebuilding the map every time we have new or edited addresses in our sheet).

I have customized icons too for each employee (we needed a dispatching and mileage optimization solution).

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what may develop along these lines. :pray:

This has been requested in the past, and developers stated that there were licensing issues with google maps. No surprising with googles api changes last year. This is a must have feature to help coda blow up imo. Hopefully they can figure it out with an open source solution similar to what github has done with geojsons. Drop google and work something out with Mapbox/carto/leaflet/openstreatmaps

Actually I work with google maps and google places APIs and when they changed price structure, I had to be really subtle in order to maintain operations under control. Some services based on google places had to close.

I would say that points representation is free either with google maps or with openstreetmaps. However, other services would be charged at user’s google developer account

I can understand and indeed approve how Coda is reliant on Google services. I am as reliant as Codaers :slight_smile:

However, Google places has been managed in a non-predictable way, and I would bet for another services besides Google’s.