Map with Multiple Pins / Coordinate Points

I have been searching through the forum, but seems like latest news is from 2021. So hoping there is a newer feature somewhere:

Is it possible to embed a map with multiple pins? This of course based on a Coda table.

The Google Maps Embed seem to only allow one pin at a time: Google Maps Embed Pack, extend Coda with Google... | Coda

@Josh_Shupack made a pack using LocationIQ that can display a map with multiple pins, and a few other things quite easily.

I can’t find it on the Coda pack gallery, but he made the source coda available on github. It’s super easy to copy-paste that source code and make your own pack out of it; let me know if you need help doing that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m still working out some issues. I’m hoping to launch it in the next week or 2. I got 2nd place in the Packathon!


Thanks for putting me in the right direction @Ryan_Martens2

And looks awesome @Josh_Shupack Excited to see your pack coming out, I’m pretty confident it will solve my idea.

Maybe one of you can elaborate a bit on the map implementation in Coda. I’m quite new to Coda, but have developed a ton in e.g. My usually go-to would be bubble, but Coda seems perfect for very heavy data-entry apps, so I’m trying it out for some of those projects.

In Bubble it’s possible to embed interactive maps, where one can click the pin and e.g. jump to a new page etc. It seems the only way maps are used in Coda is by transforming them into static images. Is this a limitation of Coda or is it possible to make interactive maps?

Any news on that? Couldn’t find the pack in coda.

Yep, also interested, your work seems to be awesome !!

Sorry, it’s been a really busy couple of months! I’m hoping to have something live soon. Bear with me :slight_smile:


I finally was able to finish it and publish the LocationIQ Mapping Pack: LocationIQ Mapping Pack, extend Coda with... | Coda I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

I’m starting work on an interactive version. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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So cool @Josh_Shupack !

Thanks, it unlocks a lot of possibilities for me !

@Josh_Shupack do you know if it’s possible to create an interactive map? Love it but static maps aren’t really working for our use case :frowning:

There is a workaround for displaying multiple locations using the Directions formula, not the best but it is something: Available Formulas · Google Maps Embed Pack Playground

I’m working on creating something that will do this. I’ll post it here when it’s ready, but I’d love to talk to you and get specifics on what you’re looking for so I can make sure it covers your use case. I’ll send you a private message on twitter so we can connect.