Map with Multiple Pins / Coordinate Points

I have been searching through the forum, but seems like latest news is from 2021. So hoping there is a newer feature somewhere:

Is it possible to embed a map with multiple pins? This of course based on a Coda table.

The Google Maps Embed seem to only allow one pin at a time: Google Maps Embed Pack, extend Coda with Google... | Coda

@Josh_Shupack made a pack using LocationIQ that can display a map with multiple pins, and a few other things quite easily.

I can’t find it on the Coda pack gallery, but he made the source coda available on github. It’s super easy to copy-paste that source code and make your own pack out of it; let me know if you need help doing that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m still working out some issues. I’m hoping to launch it in the next week or 2. I got 2nd place in the Packathon!


Thanks for putting me in the right direction @Ryan_Martens2

And looks awesome @Josh_Shupack Excited to see your pack coming out, I’m pretty confident it will solve my idea.

Maybe one of you can elaborate a bit on the map implementation in Coda. I’m quite new to Coda, but have developed a ton in e.g. My usually go-to would be bubble, but Coda seems perfect for very heavy data-entry apps, so I’m trying it out for some of those projects.

In Bubble it’s possible to embed interactive maps, where one can click the pin and e.g. jump to a new page etc. It seems the only way maps are used in Coda is by transforming them into static images. Is this a limitation of Coda or is it possible to make interactive maps?