Add values in a column based on the select list of another column in another table

I would like a create a sum of values in one column that meets the criteria of matching the selected list item of another column that is in another table.

Is this possible?

ie: I have an large entry table that includes all travel entries for a travel agency. One column is called “fee” and there are different entries for different travel packs sold, hence different fees. I have another table that aims at summarizing the outcome of every travel pack and I’d like to show one column to present to “total fee” received from every travel pack.

I figured it out :v:

This article helped me find the solution: Old doc, new year: Part III

What I needed to do is:

  1. Tell Coda which table to look at
  2. Filter it by the condition: “find out which event is selected”
  3. Tell coda to take the “SUM” of which column
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Hi! Can you share what formula you used to do this? I feel like I’ve tried every variation of this that I can think of with no luck.

Basically I am trying to add together the values of one column based off of the status of another. For example:
I have a column where the status’s are “Open” and “Closed”.
I have another column with Subtotals.
I want to see how much money I have in “open” status, and how much I have in “closed” status.

Sounds simple to me but I can’t find a formula that works! I am very new though so maybe that’s why.

Hi Catherine, here is my formula:

[Kayıt Defteri].Filter(Etkinlik=thisRow).[KATILIM BEDELİ].Sum()

In your case it would probably be something like this:

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