Advanced FormulaMap() Calculation between 3 tables

Hey there! Im trying to get a button using a formulaMap() to create new rows in a 3rd table based off information from 2 source tables. I can do this - but there is one piece (one column specifically) I cannot get.

Here is a screenshot with all the explanations, hopefully it makes sense! In the formula map, the list that I am pulling from looks like this:

  • FormulaMap(Listcombine(Slide 1, slide 2, slide 3), AddRow(Singular Grades, Student, ThisRow.Name, answer, currentvalue, key, _____________)).

That blank spot is what I dont know how to do? How do I add the appropriate “answer” from the answer key table to my new “singular grades” table?


I can’t tell what’s going on with your schema from that image. Can you share a dummy doc?

Hi @Scott_Weir :slight_smile:
As @Ander says your scheme seems a little overcomplicated :sweat_smile: can you share a dummy doc?
i’m pretty sure that it can be simplified heavily :slight_smile:

Trick pre-sharing, if you want to get data from a table you use a formula like that: [tablename].filter(), this gets only the row you need, and in a flow like the one i imagine you need there is no need to use buttons!

But yeah let’s wait for a doc so we can play with it :)))

@Mario and @Ander here is a link! THanks for the help -


Here’s one possible approach, using a counter:

Hi @Scott_Weir :slight_smile:

Thanks for the doc! :smiley:

Now i think i’ve got your concept! :slight_smile:

In the doc you shared i’ve added a page that show my approach to your problem, i’ve added a “tests manager” table, this one allow to manage answers and different tests easily :slight_smile:

So, 2 table, one contains all the test, one per row, and the other contains all the questions and the right answers, one per row.

Then, the copy and paste one, and then the “analyzer” table that check for wrong answers :slight_smile:

I’ve not been able to get rid of formulamap but implemented as i’ve done it auto-adjust based on the number of question for that test :slight_smile: so it should be simply adaptable to different tests :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps in some ways or if you have any question :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


Mario - This is awesome, and a really cool solution. Thanks!

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