FormulaMap for creating multiple rows

Trying to Add a row to a table for every item in a list but cannot make it work:

See screenshot below. Any suggestions?

First, remove CurrentValue from within the FormulaMap.

Just [Add These].FormulaMap(AddRow(...)).

Secondly, there’s still a bug with CurrentValue within AddRow. It will work, but the formula will report as broken. See here:

If you’re just inserting CurrentValue, you can ignore the error, the action will work correctly. But if you need to dereference columns from CurrentValue, use the _Deref() trick mentioned there.

Thank you! It worked!

Hey @Paul_Danyliuk :wave: hope all good?
I am not sure if my problem is solved already with this post, what I am trying to do is to propagate a new table with 2 columns; one with one value and the other with 1-n values

Finally I want to have this result (for each region and category one row)

This formula is not working:
r_region.FormulaMap(AddOrModifyRows(r_category,Region=Region and Category=CurrentValue.Category,Region=Region,Category=CurrentValue.Category))

Any suggestions?

Hi @Thomas_Schulz,

Unfortunately it’s not trivial because of nested loops and the current limitation of the CurrentValue at the lowest level scope.

If it’s acceptable for you, a workaround could be to split it at a row level.
Try to have a look and see it it fits your needs.

Not as elegant as a single formula, but it actually does its job.

Let me know if it helps.