[aesthetics] Lists Tab Width - It should be 3-4 spaces

Suggestion: Make tab width smaller

  • It looks ugly and unreadable.
  • It should be like 3-4 spaces.
  • Actually made me stop using Coda.
    • Hard to notetake when it hurts my eyes.
    • Switched to markdown bc i can customize .css .

See: dropbox’s paper. or Notion

Difficulty: Low
Value: High

Hi @Anthony_Flores, thanks for the feedback!

Do you find the current spacing poor for indented bullets/numbering, indented paragraphs without bullets/numbering, or both?

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of some content you find hard to read?


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This is original

This is what it should ideally look like (taken from Dropbox Paper):

Yeah both bullets/numbering and paragraph would be good.
idk…it’s like how they say Python is “great” bc it uses 4 spaces–Makes it easy to scan w/ your eyes.

In the meantime, here’s a style-sheet for those who don’t want to wait.:
CSS available on website, when you click “edit”

Community post: Coda.io Better Indented Lists (Stylish - userstyle stylesheet)