Aggregate Table

I have a table of Recipe Ingredients with columns (Recipe, Ingredient, Amount). I want to create a Shopping List table so that when a User picks out Recipes, it aggregates and sums the Amount by Ingredient.

For example:

Hey @Jennifer_Lastimosa,

here is an example how to do that:

The main formula in the ‘total column’ is:


This will

  • search your Recipe table by all occurings of the Ingredient in the current row
  • gets the amount of it
  • sums all the amounts

Another thing I’ve implemented is the automatic ingredient picker. It is the formula in the ‘Name’ column.


This formula automatically picks one ingredient at a time and puts it into the row of the ingredients table. All you need is an continous id (I used RowId – Be aware that this may stop working as soon as you manually delete one of the rows of this table!)
This formula

  • Gets all ingredients from the recipe table (Recipes.Ingredients)
  • Removes double entries (with unique())
  • Picks the one that is on the position of the current row (nth(

Hope that helps you solving your challenge.


Sorry for the late response, but thank you so much for this!

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