If you haven’t already heard, Coda is giving you a shot at a slice of $40,000 - with the grand prize being $10,000! :star: And The Coda School wants to give YOU the best shot you can at winning the challenge :star:

Wait, I Haven’t heard of this challenge yet – Goodness! Get more info on the challenge below:

The TLDR is:

  • What: Free assistance and help with your AI docs/templates
  • Why: To give you the best shot at winning you can
  • When: July 11th at 9am PST
  • Where: Google Meet
  • How to sign up: Register Here

Get free help with your AI Docs! :person_tipping_hand:

The deadline to submit an AI related document is July 17th, and The Coda School wants to help you with your documents!

We are hosting a FREE and live event where you can get help in a ton of ways:

  • Technical help with formulas on your AI doc
  • Visual suggestions to help the design aspects of your doc
  • Generally learn how Coda AI works and how to best leverage it in a doc

And more! I’ve built 15 different AI related docs of varying complexity and would love to help out anyone who is interested in entering the contest!

If you’d like to come, simply register here CLICK TO REGISTER

Lets get you the best shot you can at winning some of that :moneybag:

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