AI to get an image of value

Is it possible to make AI find an image from the search?
for example, to illustrate the value of another column.

I somehow manage to do it, but only for one out of ten

I guess, it is possible to make prompt that does this always

Hey Vladimir!

This is not yet supported by Coda AI :slightly_smiling_face:

You were able to generate one of the images because that specific URL links directly to a .jpg and you’re using an Image URL column.

That being said, we’ve gone ahead and filed a feature request for you on this :+1:
Should it be built out, our team will be sure to let you know!

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Consider feature - it once could autoarrange any list with first result from google images

How about the Unsplash Pack?

Returns an image from unsplash based on a search

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Thank you, this helps

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