Alignment when concatenating rectangle and text

When I concatenate a rectangle with text, the vertical alignment in the preview does not match the actual rendered vertical alignment.

The screen shot below shows this difference.


In the preview in the formula editor, the rectangle and the text both share the same baseline. I think that this looks good.

However, in the actual rendered result, the baseline for the rectangle is at the mid-line for the text. Even when I make the rectangle taller, the baseline for the rectangle stays the same. I think that the text looks too low compared to the rectangle.

The higher baseline on the rectangle looks okay when the text comes first, but for my use case, I want the rectangle to come first.

For my use case, I want the text to come after the rectangle. Is there a way to make the rendered result look like the preview result?

I know. It’s so sad

A couple years ago they used to be perfectly aligned - and I used this trick along with ClipCircle() to create wonderful little colored tags for lots of text items to indicate status.

But alas no more and haven’t really found a way to fix/align it once again.

But also haven’t tried that hard. Hopefully there’s a way! But none that I know of right now.

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