Allow moving docs between folders with the API

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to move docs between folders with the API.

You can clone them and then delete the old one, but this has negative implications for links to the doc, webhook catching, metadata (like creation date), and perhaps other problems with Packs or history or other things like that.

The whole folder management API is missing (or actually it’s in the Admin API that’s Enterprise only)

So I’ll welcome if we don’t just have moving-docs-between-folders but the whole folder management API (listing, creating, renaming, moving docs between folders etc)


I agree, please allow folder management via the standard Coda API. The Enterprise only Admin API is great for truly enterprise features (audit logs, etc…), but since folders are available outside the enterprise plan it would be nice if we could manage them via the standard API, the same as with Docs.

I was surprised to find folder management unavailable via the standard API. Those on the Teams plan could really use the option to add/remove team members to folders via API.

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