Moving a folder across workspaces

Hi Folks,

I am building a folder for a client. Once we’ve done a proof of concept for the dataset we are trying to build, we would like to move the folder over to a workspace the client owns.

Is it possible to do this?

The doc will contain sensitive information, so I don’t want to go the route of a public template.


Hey Astha! At this time it’s not possible to move an entire Folder across Workspaces, but you can move docs across Workspaces :smiley:

Before going through the transfer process, please know that the following three conditions need to be satisfied before we can move a doc to a different Workspace:

  1. The user moving the doc must have Edit access.
  2. The user moving the doc must be a Member of the destination folder in the new Workspace.
  3. The Doc Owner must be a Member and Editor in the destination Workspace.

Once you’ve confirmed the above three conditions are met, simply click the icon next to the doc in your doc Dashboard and choose the option to Move.

You can also select all docs in a folder by clicking the checkbox next to one of your docs, hitting Select All, then Move. If that doesn’t work or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to follow up!

In the meantime, this does sound like a feature request the Coda team has been tracking, so we have moved this post into the Suggestion Box for other members of the Community to chime in on this. We’ve gone ahead and tracked your vote for this feature formally :smile:



@Nicole_Macdonald – thank you so much, this is super helpful! :raised_hands:t4:

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