Allow submissions off - not working?

What exactly does the “allow submissions?” toggle button in the form settings do?

I think it’s supposed to be allow or not allow submissions? It’s not exactly clear to me if that means people can’t click the button or if it just doesn’t update the response table.

Either way, when I have it toggled off, I’m still able to submit the form and the response saves (from a different account).

Is this broken or am I missing something?

Hey Peter! Toggling off “Allow Submissions” will not allow users to view the form, or try to submit anything.

However, there is a slight delay between when you toggle “Allow submissions” from on to off where the form will still look submittable before registering the change in permissions. But even if someone does fill out the form, their submission should not be logged in your table.

Here’s a quick example: Screencast at August 4th 2023 - 6.54.04 pm.mp4 - Droplr

When you try this, are you still receiving responses in your form submission table? Or are you just able to click the “submit” button without your response being recorded?

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