[ALPHA] YouTube GPT - Summarize YouTube videos

I’ve created a pack that will allow you to summarize YouTube videos! + soon to be more!! (in alpha currently, may be bugs)

Link: YouTubeGPT Pack, extend Coda with YouTubeGPT | Coda

Feedback, problems, issues, suggestions, feature requests are welcome!

Unfortunately, I charge a bit of $, as the backend resources isn’t free (OpenAI) :(.

God bless!



Which leads me to the next question.

Let’s say Jack loves your Pack, purchases it, and uses it from time to time. The backend OpenAI costs are minimal and within the $3 per month fee that he pays, leaving you with a little profit each month.

Jill also loves your pack, but she has dozens of videos to summarize every day. Her backend costs are big; far bigger each month than the $3 she pays for the Pack. This leaves you in a deficit.

You have no choice but to raise the price of the Pack, and Jack is now subsidizing Jill’s ravenous appetite for OpenAI calls.



Very good points Bill! Thanks for the response!

One thought comes to mind to satisfy Jack and Jill.

  1. Rate-limit: What will keep me from having to raise the prices for Jack is: Jill should hit a rate-limit. (Coda has rate-limits per-user and per-Pack) Is this bad UX for Jill? Probably. But it would be great to know how Jill is using the Pack, so that I’ll know “summarizing a ton of videos per day” is a highly requested feature.

I think the nirvana solution would be a custom-built rate-limit on the backend side + some kind of “tiered pricing” which is a little more complex than overall Pack pricing I think.

E.g Jack on Tier 1: $3, X rate limit.
Jill on Tier 2: $10, Y rate limit.

WDYT Bill?

Or for example sell your pack cheaply 1$. and everyone to put their open AI api key :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s probably the direction, that makes the most sense. Thanks Math.

  • $1 only for backend managing integration of YouTube and OpenAI.
  • User gives own Api key.

I plan to make the Pack free during the Alpha process.

I’ll respond in this thread with updates and changes to the Pack throughout the process.

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It already exists; it’s called the OpenAI API. :wink: If each user is able to use their own account (which includes their own rate limiter), you needn’t build anything.

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Fresh new updates! Custom prompts, better reliability, custom open AI key (still working on).

New updates and capabilities to come! Thanks Bill and Math for the feedback!