Announcing our Series C Funding

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised an $80 million round led by Mamoon Hamid from Kleiner Perkins. If you’d like the full background on our newest investors and the overview of how we plan to use this investment to make Coda even better, you can see our full blog post at

We’re really excited by the opportunity to think even bigger at addressing your needs.

As you know, we tend to move fast at Coda, so I don’t want to over-prescribe a roadmap, but here’s a tl;dr on a few areas of focus:

  1. Fundamentals: We’re increasing our focus on the basics like performance, scalability, security, and administration.
  2. Simple cases: We’re continuing to invest in making your most common interactions even easier, smoother and more robust for even the simplest Coda cases
  3. Ecosystem: Coda is not just a product, it’s an ecosystem. You’ll see more in doc publishing, as well as an expansion of Coda Packs

To do this, we’re going to need quite a few more Codans. So, we’re hiring for a lot of different rolesーespecially in engineering and go-to-market. Even if you don’t see the perfect role, if you’re passionate about empowering others to build their own tools, we’d love to hear from youーand your friends! You can always see our open roles here:

I wanted to share this news with our community because I view fundraising as just one type of investment. As makers in our amazing community, you’ve been investing in us for years: reporting bugs, publishing docs, convincing your teammates to give Coda a try. So please join me in welcoming Mamoon and our new investors to Coda!

P.S. Here’s what Forbes had to say about it: link


Very good news! Coda is definitivly going to stay alive for a very long time.
Very strong suggestion: use some of the investment to speed up proper internationalization of amounts/currencies and dates asap!



@shishir and all you guys,
my most sincere congratulations: you just deserve this wider (and wider) horizon.
Excellent job.

Let’s keep on!


Awesome news! Congrats! :champagne:


Fantastic news Shisir, and backing by KP, no less! You’re in the big time! No pressure.

And I think your priorities are spot on. You’ve released a more than adequate set of features & functions to attract users. We all love it. We now just want to USE it at larger scales without the Doc breaking. Performance scaling will now prove to the market that they can make the investment to use this platform throughout the Enterprise.

Packs just multiply this attractiveness by removing reliance on 3rd party integration platforms (Zaps, Parabola, Integromat) which, while useful, can also break and add risk.

Amazing progress. Let’s keep the dream alive!


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That’s amazing!!!
This is a big point for coda!!!

We are gonna see new graphs finally :joy:,
Cant wait to see what you will create in the next months :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep up the good work! :smiley:


Congratulations! Your team is amazing at improving code fast, I’m sure you’ll scale up nicely.

Don’t know what I would do without Coda right now. :smiley: Stupidly boring tasks have become interesting again as I’ve switched my efforts to automating them. I’m sincerely grateful to have Coda.


All I can say is WOW and CONGRATS. That’s such phenomenal news.

Excited to see where y’all head next.


Sounds more 2 times rich than Notion’s fund !!!

140M - 68.32 M = 71.68 M


Shishir: I know you’re super stoked about the new funding (as all of us Codans are!)…but I have to admit I got most excited about that immaculate vent hood in your kitchen. It warrants a separate congratulations on its own merit.


Congratulations!!! This is exciting news.


Congrats! One step forward to replace my Airtable. It’s ALMOST perfect except for 2 way sync for cross doc. Fibery can do it, hope you take note. :smile:

Look forward to improvements!

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Ha my family got a kick out of this comment :slight_smile: