Any update on a more robust database/more rows?

I love Coda and I want to do more with it. However, some of the applications I am not thinking of need more rows. Is the Coda team working on addressing this limitation?

Hi Shaheed

More rows than how many rows?


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For certain applications that require product information we would need around 200,000. For anything to do with customer data, we would need around 1,000,000 rows.

@Shaheed_Fazal ,

I have made a doc with more than 100K rows and although it was still useable, filtering was starting to be a bit of a problem. For example, we had 15 product groups (in one table) and we wanted to filter on groups. Changing the filter from one group to another would take between 5 and 10 seconds. For occasional use perhaps no problem, but not something you would want to deal with all day long.

To my surprise, calculations and dashboard functions with subtotals per group kept on performing OK. Changes to individual lines would show up really quick on my dashboard, but changing like 10K rows in a related table at once became unworkable.

As a general answer to your requirements I would say that Coda is not the tool of choice for such a large database/table, but if your requirements are pretty basic, it will go a long way, even with big tables. Personally I would not try 1M rows in a production environment.

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