API Auth with HMAC

I’m trying to create a pack to connect to a service that uses HMAC and can’t find a way to do it in Pack Studio. Is it something that can be done in Coda ?

Hi @Baptiste_Cavallo - Unfortunately none of our current authentication mechanisms support HMAC signatures. Can you provide more information about the API you are trying to use?

Hello @Eric_Koleda and thank you for replying,

I am trying to connect to the 3commas API, the documentation is on GitHub but it’s all pretty fuzzyto me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen many exchanges or financial Saas requiring such Auth methods, it would definatly be a good add for Coda.

Hello @Eric_Koleda ! I’d like to revive this topic to see if this has made it to Coda’s roadmap?

Hi @Baptiste_Cavallo - No, unfortunately there hasn’t been enough demand for this yet to justify making it into a standard authentication method.

If you aren’t creating this Pack for your own use then you can hard-code the credentials into your Pack code and generate the HMAC signature using them. You would only need an official Coda authentication type if you want to share the Pack and allow each user to enter their own credentials.

I see.
Thank you very much for the reply @Eric_Koleda