API Token generates [500] Internal Server Error: Limit 500 must be > 0 and <= 100

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Hi! For some reason the API token I am using with Integromat stopped working, it gives me “[500] Internal Server Error: Limit 500 must be > 0 and <= 100”. I tried generating a new token but it gives me the same error. Any idea what does the “Limit 500” means?


Hey @Philippe_Le_Bel, I think this is a question for Integromat support. Limit is a parameter to specify how many items to get in one API call. Usually APIs won’t let you load everything in one call and will impose a limit instead, e.g. maximum 100 rows per call (that’s what Coda is doing). You can make follow-up calls, usually either with offset parameter or continuation token, to get the next 100, then the next 100 and so on.

Looks like Integromat supplies the number 500 there. Either they raised it, or Coda reduced it recently. It’s not about the API token, changing it won’t help.

@Arpit_C? @BenLee?

Thank @Paul_Danyliuk for the reply. This was happening when I was creating a new trigger and it was trying to load the document list. But it looks like it resolved itself. The problem is not happening anymore :man_shrugging:t3:

Thanks for your help!