API Limits & Integromat

I have a dirt simple Integromat scenario that takes a CSV and sticks it in a Coda table. It’s about 65 rows, nothing major, and was running fine until the last few days where I’m getting rate limited (429 Too Many Requests). This is a supported integration, barely any rows, and I don’t see a mechanism to slow down my requests, so I’d imagine anyone using this integration has hit a similar issue?

In the short term I’m wondering if Coda might simply have the ability to revert my rate limit back to what it was (it must have changed?) so my job can run again.

I’ve reached out to Integromat as well and will update this thread with a solution if I find one but if anyone has any experience with this please let me know!

Integromat was able to help but in doing so doubles the number of ‘operations’ (which is what’s billable in their system). In short, placing the Sleep module before the Coda module does achieve this; my assumption is it would sleep once, not between each API call. So hooray for a fix, but +1 for being so excited for custom packs to avoid these types of third party tools entirely.

Hey Dan, welcome to the Community!

There’s multiple things that you can do:

  • You can insert rows in bulk, not one by one. You’ll have to go with a custom Coda API request that’s not preset in Integromat and supply an array of column-value pairs. I don’t know if there’s any limit as to how many rows you can insert in a single request but I believe it should handle a hundred at a time with no problem. This should cut down on Integromat modules as well.

  • Or you can insert the whole CSV somewhere into Coda into a cell and then have Coda parse it and turn into rows, e.g. through an automation that would watch on new CSV dumps inserted. There’s the ParseCSV() method in Coda that can take a CSV input and split it into a list-of-lists-of-values that you can then iterate over.

Please let me know if you need any help with that.


Thank you, Paul, those are both fantastic ideas!

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