Trouble getting row ID via Integromat

Hi everyone,

I’m importing data from clickup to coda and since I need to do this more than once, I have Integromat feed the coda row ID back to clickup…or at least I’m trying to do this. Integromat support suggested I use the “list rows” module, but it doesn’t list it in order of creation so doesn’t find the match.

Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance,

Oh yeah, Create a row doesn’t return a created row descriptor but a response that the request has been queued up. The response actually HAS that inserted row IDs but for some reason Integromat chose not to surface them.

I guess your best bet is to replace Create a Row module with a custom Make an API Call module and set it up to grab the row IDs from the response as you can see here:

List Rows doesn’t work because most likely at the moment of querying the rows, the recently added one hasn’t yet been added to the snapshot — it has only been queued up for addition.


Thanks for this, and for explaining why it hasn’t been working!

Do you think if I built in a delay in the scenario it would do the trick? API calls in json are probably beyond my technical capabilities :(.


Delays aren’t the most reliable thing tbh… one day a 2 minute delay is enough and the other day it is not.

Maybe just make a different scenario that would watch on new rows in that Coda table and whenever there are some, update Clickup data with row IDs? I imagine you store Clickup IDs into Coda, so once you get new rows in Coda you’ll know which Clickup rows to update.

That could work. Thanks!

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