Integromat - Upsert Row Action & Base Table + Views Impacted - Overwritten

Hello, I’m successfully using Integromat to grab data over an API from a different software and get that data into Coda docs. I first used a Create Row action, obvious what it does. I then changed to using the Upsert function as sounds like it will update a row or make a new one if the ID/key used is not found. Sounds great but ran into some issues when using it to update the rows/add, etc it overwrites manual data I entered into a field I added on a linked/view. wondering if that is true and that I’m not messing something up. If it is true, wondering how I should redesign everything to get around this.

So business challenge is that the system we use doesn’t have enough fields/data being tracked on several files/tables nor does it have some meta data and aggregation data I need to make an automatic communication tool for internal staff when we have shifts that need filled. I had planned on dumping all data from that system through Integromat into Coda, then add views to each of those tables to add custom fields and corresponding values as well as aggregations, etc. Now it appears that Upsert, even though I am not specifying anything to go into those fields specifically, deletes the entire row, custom fields and all, then adds back just the data that is coming from the other system throuhg integromat and eliminates all the manual entries I made in the custom fields on the views. If that can be fixed i.e. probably by making Upsert Module in Integromat do a true review/replace function on each cell for the row identified by the key would be awesome! So it would use the key to see if it needs to add a row, if doesn’t need to add, it would then look at row it is updating and only modify fields that are needed and specified in the Integromat action i.e. if I leave a field blank since it is custom and wouldn’t be populated by Integromat it would be left alone :slight_smile:


Just saw this. Upsert replaces the entire row. The best solution is to map the values in all the fields in the Upsert module.