API delayed response

I’ve built a lot of integrations using Coda and Make (formerly Integromat) and it’s been great until this latest major release of features from Coda.

It usually worked pretty much instantly to Make to read a doc and find the correct rowId to update a information, for example. But what I face now is some sort of delay, like Coda’s taking a few seconds to make available to the API the line I just created.

I have to put a few “Sleep” modules between all the scenario actions and the final update back on Coda (sometimes, things like 8 seconds), otherwise it breaks with a 404, saying it can’t get a row with the ID of a line I just created.

Does Coda changed something on it’s API processing power lately?
Is someone else having this kind of issue?

Hi @hugo_assuncao - I’m not aware of any changes to how our API handles mutations, but I’ll ask around to see if anything has changed. The API documentation does include this information about consistency:

While edits made in Coda are shared with other collaborators in real-time, it can take a few seconds for them to become available via the API. You may also notice that changes made via the API, such as updating a row, are not immediate. These endpoints all return an HTTP 202 status code, instead of a standard 200, indicating that the edit has been accepted and queued for processing. This generally takes a few seconds, and the edit may fail if invalid. Each such edit will return a requestId in the response, and you can pass this requestId to the #getMutationStatus endpoint to find out if it has been applied.

I’m not very familiar with Make’s features, but if you could check the getMutationStatus endpoint in a loop that would be more reliable than sleeps.


I was not aware of the getMutationStatus endpoint; I’ll try to implement it.
Thank’s for the answer!

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