Spontaneous 404 errors due to row not found, using Coda API via Make

I have a Make scenario + webhook that I trigger when a form is submitted. It gets some extra data from our other API, sends a slack notification and updates the information for some columns in the row that was created.

This works fine 9/10 times, but there’s a weird issue we’re experiencing where the RowID isn’t found when using the Coda API module in Make. Sometimes it just cannot find the row, which makes the scenario fail. I’ve double checked and the failed rows exist and the data in the Make scenario looks fine.

Error message:
[404] Not Found: Could not find a row with the specified ID or name.
Automatic failure response was sent to the webhook.

My theory is that sometimes the automation in Coda hits too fast after form submit and when Make tries to update the row, it’s getting a cached response that hasn’t been cleared just yet. I have this theory as the time between form submission request handled in Make is very short (1-5 seconds) when this issue happens. When the automations are a bit delayed (5+ seconds), it works fine.

Has anyone had this issue? How did you resolve it?

You’ll likely just need to add a delay module in your make scenario.

The changes made to a doc happen on the client side first, then after some time roll up to the server level where the changes are accessible and returned via api

With a slightly delay you ensure the changes are written to the server and you should be good

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