Any tips on using "X-Coda-Doc-Version: latest" to make sure the API is seeing the latest version of a doc?

Hi — I’m trying to use Coda for an invoicing workflow, where invoices in Xero will be populated from data stored in Coda tables. I’m using to talk between the two systems.

The workflow kicks off by Coda sending a webhook to Make, using a row-level button, which basically says “this record is ready to be invoiced.” However, I was running into issues where Make wasn’t seeing the Row ID of the initializing record.

I think that this is because the user-facing changes weren’t yet synced to the API level, as discussed here in the API docs and in this discussion topic.

Including ‘X-Coda-Doc-Version: latest’ is supposed to return a 400 response (and error) if the API layer hasn’t been synced yet. But as far as I can tell, it is always returning 200 for me. I’ve been testing it out using curl statements from the shell script, following big row deletions, and I’m still getting a message that the data are all in sync.

Has anyone had success implementing this? It’s possible I’m doing something very wrong. I’m pretty much a fake programmer.