API returning old data

Hi, I’m trying out the API.
I’m calling two APIs.

  1. I update a certain row.

  2. I get a row from a view.

After (1), when I call (2), it returns the old data. When (1) returned 200, is it just adding the task to your queue and handle it asynchronously?

Is there any way for me to make sure I get the latest data with (2)?


“While edits made in Coda are shared with other collaborators in real-time, it can take a few seconds for them to become available via the API. You may also notice that changes made via the API, such as updating a row, are not immediate. These endpoints all return an HTTP 202 status code, instead of a standard 200, indicating that the edit has been accepted and queued for processing. This generally takes a few seconds, and the edit may fail if invalid. In the future, we may provide a way to acknowledge edits.”

This does appear to be an async issue, I got around this by adding a 3 second delay to my next call, the delay time would vary on several factors however, so not sure if there is a consistent delay that will work.


Oh I definitely missed that part from the documentation.
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: