API Delay is taking too much

I’m using the API, and what I do is modify all the rows of a filtered table so that it becomes empty. Throughout the day, several rows reappear in the filtered table, either because I modify them or because they have a date attribute that causes them to reappear in the filtered table.

Now, my problem is that yesterday was the last time I modified any of the rows, and since then, the filtered table has several rows. But when I try to retrieve those rows through the API to edit them, it detects that the filtered table is empty… I read that the API has a delay, but it says it’s just a few seconds, and I’ve been waiting for hours for it to detect the rows in the filtered table again, which I can see in the browser with several rows. Yesterday the same thing happened, and it took many hours to reappear. I’m using the API through the JS library. Is there a solution? Is the delay normally so long? Thanks.

Hi @Matias_De_los_Santos - Welcome to the Coda community! I’m sorry to hear about the delay issues you are seeing, that certainly isn’t the expected behavior. I’ve seen this before when there is an issue with your doc that prevents our normal backend processes from running. This can happen if the doc gets too large or complicated. I’d suggest reaching out to our support team to see if they can troubleshoot that specific doc and perhaps bring in an engineer to take a deeper look.

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