API upsert to CODA table from other intregation are very slow

I have connect Hotel PMS to update room status to coda table by using room number which use API to GET all room in the table

I have around 700 rows (rooms) to be updated by (GET)

It used to take around 2 hours to update all the room, but a recent 3-4 days , it starts to take around 6 around to update 700 rows.

Is this normal. anybody have kind of the same problems?

ps . i have waited all night and see that it took 9 hours to update 650 rows T_T

@Korn_Tris - Sorry to hear you are running into performance issues. Do you have any more information as to where the delay is coming from? Is the API request taking a long time to complete? Or is it just taking a long time to show up in the doc?

Which endpoints are you using to update the table? Are you sending rows in batch or one at a time?

i tested and it takes 9 hours to update 631 rows last night.

API is still working fine and the delay is just from Coda taking a long time to update and shown up in the table

We are sending rows one at a time.

PS However, it used to take only around 2 hours for a year now. it just happen to take 9 hours around 4-5 days

Do you have any suggestion

I have created a pack to connect my Hotel PMS system to CODA table in the purpose of managing and assigning housekeeping work,

The API to GET status from PMS to CODA work fine for a year. Until a few day agos, the API started to have some problem on CODA side.

Everytime I GET the status of room (631 rooms) from my PMS. The API GET was working fine at the endpoiint (digital ocean through http to my local)

However, CODA doc and table didnot update the API very slowy.

I have run the test yeterday (17/ Jan/24) to GET all room status (631 rooms) at around 18:00 PM

The process on the endpoint has done since 18:30 but coda take time from 18:15 PM to the 03:30 AM next day to update the status

It took almost 9 hours just to do 631 row updates, which is much slower than the API limit rate ( supposedly 10 in 6 seconds) It is supposed to finish around 1-2 hours.

In such case it affects the usage and function of my doc very much.

In the other case, Everytime I check-in from my PMS, it will update status to CODA as a row by row. However, even for now some status from PMS (row my row) that push from PMS also still not update to the table (after 6 hours)

Can you have a check on the backend what have cause such problem to this API connection of CODA side?


Hi @Korn_Tris - There is no global issue with the AP that I am aware of, but it may be that your specific doc is having issues. I can’t troubleshoot that myself, but if you reach out to our support team they may be able to take a deeper look.

I would advise you to send your row updates in batches, instead of one at a time though. That should not only work around rate limits, but it may reduce the load on your doc as well.