Are there any way for faster API

Hi guys, I have a question about API to connect coda with other System.

I have a connnection between CODA and Hotel PMS and thus i have created API to get hotel status from PMS to CODA

I plan to update every hour but after i have tested it. It seems that Coda would take around 20-30 second to get one row update

Since I have around 600 row to update so it take 3-4 hours to finish update

I want to know if you have the same problem or you have anyway for better performance API

Hello @Korn_Tris

I don’t have this kind of lag, tested with Shopify, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Pipedrive and others.

Does your Hotel PMS API allow to query multiple entries in one call ?
If so, and if you’re not already doing it, I’d avoid updating each row individually and sync all the hotel data in one sync table. Then use this sync table to update or store your Coda data.

What do you mean by “created API”?

Are you trying to insert rows by calling the Coda API? You don’t have to insert row by row; you can insert rows in bulk (I don’t remember the limit but it’s either 10-20 or up to 100 per request). Also you don’t have to wait for the row to get inserted — you can simply call insert after insert (there’s some rate limiting but it’s something like 30 requests over 30 second sliding window empirically)

Or are you trying to read stuff from external API and get it into Coda via a Sync Table? Then it must be a problem with that other API, or again, your code — there must be some bulk GET methods on any API that is dealing with hundreds of records.

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I’m trying to get value from external pms (room status) . I tried using bulk upload at once (700 rows) to update my table but many errors occurs. So I change to get status update to row by row, which are very slow.

How many rows should I get in bulk update?

I’m currently not using sync table. But just and update to normal table.

Should I use sync table?

I am using using sync table and currently trying two way sync.

  1. I modified row in coda and shoot api to modify status in pms

After close day PMS will change status of room automatically so I need to get status from PMS

  1. I created GET all status button in coda to get and update status

2.1 I used bulk update around 700 rows and many error

2.2 I then change the update way to row by row but it took longer than I expected

Do you have any suggestion?

i dont have any problem sending out data, but coming in data is very slow. it’s being queued

Can you provide a few screenshots from your tables, formula, custom pack sending the GET request so we can get a better idea ?