API seem to be returning outdated information

Ok so I have an api workflow whereby I’m upserting a a row in a table, the updated row is then filtering a view in coda with a filter formula on said view, back in my api workflow, I’m then getting all rows from the view. The idea to this way I can do a keyword search on the table and then return the results but getting the filtered view.

The issues I’m having is, although I can see the view filtering in coda, the rows returned in via the api are not filtered, this seem to be due to some kind of a delay (?).

Does anyone have any info on this? Is it a delay?

My goal is to use the api workflow as an action for a custom gpt, so it can query my tables and return relevant information, it work, but view being returned without the filtering is an issue.

Hi @Wayne_Simpson1 - Unfortunately this is working as intended. You can read more about the behavior in the “Consistency” section of the API docs:


The pattern of modifying the doc and then reading a view to perform a search is possible, but given the above it won’t be very usable. At the moment the best option is to read the full list of rows into memory and then perform your search / filtering on that data.