Appearance keeps changing back to Light Mode

I’m a dark mode fan, and each time I log in, my appearance has changed back to light mode. I’ve tried changing it both to “dark” and to “use system setting” (which is dark), and neither is retained from login to login. Thanks for adding this functionality nonetheless as it’s certainly easier on the eyes.

Thanks for the kudos on dark mode, but sorry to hear you’re running into this issue, @Brandon_Stokes ! It sounds like this issue could be related to your system. First, can you please try clearing your cache and cookies and testing this in an incognito/private browser window? If the issues persist after doing so, would you mind providing the following information?:

  1. Have you tried logging out and back into your Coda account?
  2. Your browser details which you can find here
  3. Any screencast or screenshot(s) displaying the issue you’re facing
  4. Does this issue persist in an incognito/private browser window?

Look forward to hearing from you,


Hi, Shaina! Thanks for responding. Here are my responses.

  1. Yes ma’am, many times. That’s when the switch happens… upon logging back in.
  2. What browser am I using?
  3. Not sure what I would screenshot, unfortunately. The issue is simply that my setting is set to Dark or Use System Setting while I’m working, and when I log back in it’s set to Light.
  4. Unfortunately, yes. I just performed these steps:
    Opened InPrivate window > Logged into Coda via our SSO > opened in Light Mode (was set to Dark previously in regular mode) > Changed it to Dark > Logged out > Logged back in > Opened in Light mode